EDUCATION Columbia University, New York, NY Master of Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts, 2009 University of California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA Bachelor of Arts, School of the Arts and Architecture, 2007 SELECTED EXHIBITIONS Cat Head Press, Indianapolis IN Things To Do In Your Thirties, 2019 PAC Marseille, Marseille FR Bring Something Pink, 2019 Worthless Studios, Brooklyn NY Free Film USA, 2019 SHRINE Gallery, New York NY Velvet Ropes, 2019 Westbeth Gallery, New York NY Westside Exposure, 2019 The Hole, New York, NY GIFC, 2019 Martha’s Contemporary, Austin TX Velvet Ropes, 2018 Patrick Parrish, New York NY Velvet Ropes, 2018 Soulland, Copenhagen DN Velvet Ropes, 2018 Life Lessons Garage, Far Rockaway NY Daddy's Books, 2018 Westbeth Gallery, New York NY WESTSIDE EXPOSURE, 2018 Art Athina, Athens GR Velvet Ropes, 2018 Fisher Parrish, Brooklyn NY GIFC, 2018 No Place, Columbus OH As If A Field Could Become Some Dream, 2018 David Risley, Copenhagen DN Velvet Ropes, 2018 Zero Zero, Los Angeles CA Velvet Ropes, 2018 NADA, New York NY Velvet Ropes, 2018 Underdonk, Brooklyn NY Actually Weird, 2018 Ortega y Gasset, Brooklyn NY FRIENDS YOU MAY KNOW, 2017 AGENCY, Brooklyn NY Everything You've Ever Wanted, 2017 The Hole, New York NY GIFC, 2017 Marsh Gallery, Herron School of Art + Design, Indianapolis IN Mirror Mirror, 2017 CRUSH Curatorial, New York NY FANTASTIC PLASTIC, 2017 CRUSH Curatorial, New York NY Hug Me, Squeeze Me, 2016 Steven Zevitas Gallery, Boston MA Be real, 2016 Lesley Heller Workspace, New York NY Young Frankensteins, 2016 BAM, Brooklyn NY Next Wave Art, 2015 Brian Morris Gallery, New York NY To The Edge, 2015 DUTTON, New York NY Out of Place, 2015 Madelyn Jordon Fine Art, Scarsdale NY I Am What I Am Not Yet, 2015 106 Green Gallery, Brooklyn NY JAQUELINE CEDAR, 2014 Brian Morris Gallery, New York NY How The Light Gets In, 2014 Wharton + Espinosa Gallery, Los Angeles CA Jaqueline Cedar: Pretend to Lose Your Place, 2013 Brian Morris Gallery, New York NY Genius of Love, 2013 Art Connects New York, Brooklyn NY Storytellers and Mystics, 2013 Yace Gallery, Long Island City NY Jaqueline Cedar: Realm of Interaction, 2012 Curated by EJ Hauser and Rob Nadeau, Brooklyn NY WAVERS, 2012 Fredericks & Freiser Gallery, New York NY Four Artists, 2011 Steven Zevitas Gallery, Boston MA I Am Who I Am: The Portrait Reconsidered, 2011 ISCP Gallery, Brooklyn NY Fenced and Stitched, 2011 Elga Wimmer Gallery, New York NY Geometry & Gesture, 2010 The Leroy Neiman Gallery, Columbia University, New York NY Visual Arts Alumni Exhibition, 2010 A.M. Richard Fine Art, Brooklyn NY Jaqueline Cedar: New Paintings, 2010 Tracy Park Gallery, Los Angeles CA Jaqueline Cedar and Daniel Stern: Painting and Sculpture, 2010 Fisher Landau Center, Long Island City NY MFA Thesis Exhibition, 2009 BIBLIOGRAPHY

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